SSL certificates

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We believe that securing your sites shouldn't cost you a penny, which is why we issue free SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt on all domains that are assigned to any hosting account with us, including our own free Hartserver subdomains.

Our automatic SSL certificates should provision for any domain name you assign to a hosting account with us within 15 minutes. However, we're currently building a module on our hosting control panel to show the status of all provisioned SSL certificates, with the ability to re-provision if required.

To ensure that SSL certificates are provisioned successfully you need to ensure that any domain you assign to a hosting account has a DNS record set up to allow this. For example, if your domain name is you will need to ensure there is a DNS CNAME record set up for which points to

For any domains which are registered through us we automatically add the correct DNS records required for provisioning SSL certificates, so there's nothing else you need to do, unless the domain is registered with another provider.

The SSL certificates we offer provide a good level of security, but if you have purchased an SSL certificate with a higher encryption level elsewhere that you would like to use instead just get in touch with us and we'll be able to assist with getting this installed on your hosting account.