Contact Us

We don't do support tickets where you're left endlessly waiting for updates. You can reach us in a number of normal ways, round the clock:

Give us a call

You can reach us during standard business hours by calling 0113 350 8282. We're also usually available on the phone outside standard hours and round the clock also, but if we're not just leave us a voicemail and we'll call you straight back as soon as we can.

Send us an email

Sometimes it's better in writing. If you want to email us send all enquiries to, or just reply to any of the emails we send to you. We don't believe in no-reply mailboxes.

Speak to us on live chat

We're usually online on live chat during standard business hours, and sometimes outside of these hours. Just click the orange button on the bottom right of any pages. If we're offline just leave us a message and we'll email you back instead.

Join our Discord server

We run our own Discord server where you can chat live with our support team and also fellow Hartserver customers. We also use Discord to provide any support that requires screen sharing. Everyone is welcome, including non-Hartserver customers.

Tweet us

You can always tweet us at @hartserver, where we also share latest news about Hartserver, interesting posts relating to web hosting, and more.

Follow us on Facebook

You can follow our Facebook page, where we post regular updates. You can also contact us via Facebook Messenger from there.

Send us a WhatsApp

Add us on WhatsApp on our landline number in the app, or start a message with us.

...and we value your feedback!

We're constantly trying to stay ahead of the competiton, and we value all feedback from customers and non-customers alike. Think there's a feature or service we should add? Let us know!