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Human support

No endless support tickets. No chatbots. Just connect to a real person whenever you need us.

We give back to good causes

1% of our profits go to charities selected by our own customers every month, and we host registered charities for free.

We're a community

Join our Discord server and you'll be able to chat with fellow customers, as well as get fast support from our team.

Free Hartserver subdomain

Test your site before you switch any DNS records, or host a site without even purchasing a domain.

Host multiple websites

One account lets you host as many sites as your disk space quota will allow (and we'll even migrate your sites from another host).

Resize your plan, whenever

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your hosting account whenever you need to, with no contracts or surprise fees.

Free SSL certificates

What? You're still paying to secure your domains? Not with us. We secure all domains automatically using Let's Encrypt, for free.

Awesome infrastructure

We're so confident you'll get the highest uptimes possible that we'll credit you a percentage of any unplanned downtime, automatically.

An easy-to-use control panel

Manage everything from Dashboard - our all-in-one integrated control panel, written from the ground up especially for ourselves

Try a demo of Dashboard

No packages, just disk space

Forget about trying to choose between features and multiple hosting packages. We offer the choice of two tiers - Basic or Standard. Aside from that just choose how much disk space you need in total. Simple.


Your total disk space is shared between uploaded files, databases and mailboxes on your account
We include unmetered traffic/data for all accounts, so that's one less thing to worry about

per month
or £29.00 upfront per year (equivalent to £2.42 per month, a saving of £5.80 each year)

additional domains/subdomains


email forwarders

MySQL databases & users

FTP accounts

cron jobs

Site Builder

File Manager

WordPress Tools

SSH access

Hosted Services

Reseller Tools

Don't need all the added features? Go for our Basic tier instead.

So... what else do I get as standard?

Peace of mind

  • Round-the-clock support via email, phone, live chat, Discord & more - we don't do support tickets
  • 30-day refund in full if you're not totally happy with your new hosting account
  • Automatic account credit for any unplanned downtime
  • Nightly backups, retained on a minimum 2-day rolling basis (up to 14 days if required *)
  • Restore individual files or entire directories instantly
  • We monitor all hosted sites continuously for any issues

Account access

  • Unlimited FTP/SFTP accounts *
  • SSH access enabled by default (with sudo!) *
  • Switch between NGINX & Apache on a per-site basis with zero downtime

PHP heaven

  • Run different PHP versions simultaneously on different sites, from version 5.6 up to 8.0
  • Installation of additional extensions as required
  • Your code runs segmented from other accounts for ultimate security


  • Unlimited mailboxes & forwarders
  • Guaranteed outgoing delivery to all major ISPs (including Hotmail/Outlook)


  • Unlimited MySQL databases with no hard size limits (MariaDB coming soon!) *
  • No maximum hard storage limits - store as much data as you can, limited only by your overall disk space quota
  • Remote access enabled by default
* Standard tier only

Oh, and we do domains too!

Once you have access to our Dashboard you can register & transfer domains to your heart's content, from just £7 per year (or even less if registering for more than a year upfront), with an automatic 5% discount on domain renewals when you have at least one paid hosting account with us.

We drop the registration cost of individual domains down throughout the day at random to just £1, but you'll have to find them... 🧐

🌍 We currently support over 480 different TLDs and growing all the time

Let our customers speak for us

Great service

"Great service, amazingly low pricing, and high uptime. Can't fault the service at all."

Great hosting company

"Great hosting company, I used them a few years ago. Moved away for a while but have come back."

Great stable hosting

"Great stable hosting, great customer support when I had issues with my website."

Great Host Provider

"I have had my hosting with Hartserver for over a decade. The support I have always had has been second to none and would highly reccomend them. Not only are they supportive and eager to sort any issues they are extremely customer focused and are taking a fresh appoach to their user experience. Don't miss out on this great provider."

Hosted with Hartserver for years

"Hosted with Hartserver for years, fast response on technical issues and stable for a very low cost, what more could you want from a host?"

Fantastic Host!

"Ace hosting company! From someone who hosts many websites and has multiple domains, Hartserver is the best company by far. If you want near-instant DNS updates, amazing support and amazing value for money, nothing beats them!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that's not shown here? No worries! Just get in touch with us directly and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about anything.

What if I want to cancel?

We don't have any contracts on any of our web hosting plans, so you're free to cancel whenever you like, if you like, with no cancellation or admin fees. We'll also refund any unused time back!

How much disk space will I need?

Consider everything you will be using your hosting account for, including how many files you'll be uploading, the size of your databases (if any), as well as how many mailboxes you want to set up. We don't impose hard quotas, so feel free to sign up for 1GB of disk space, and we'll simply let you know if you need to reduce your disk space or upgrade. You can upgrade or downgrade your disk space as often as you like, instantaneously, with no fees.

Is my data safe with you?

You can relax. We've been hosting web sites since 2004, so we're confident you're in safe hands. We also back up files & databases on all our accounts automatically every night, so you can always restore files from at least the last couple of days if you need to, and you can even choose to retain up to 14 days of rolling backups if needed (although, anything over the last two days of backups will be included in your account's disk space usage).

Can you help me move my sites over?

Yes! We'll happily assist you in moving all sites, databases, mailboxes (including existing email messages if we can), and whatever else you need us to as part of your account setup. Just get in touch with us as soon as you've set up an account, and we'll get to work migrating you over. We even aim to do this with zero downtime if possible.

Will I be able to get hold of someone if things go wrong?

You will indeed. We aim to have a number of contact points open round the clock, just in case you need us. Whether it's live chat, via email, over the phone, or even on our own community Discord server, you'll be able to get the support you need, when you need it.

I need to be able to run XYZ on your servers, can you help?

We aim to be as flexible as we can, so provided it's not going to affect other customers on our platform we'll definitely aim to help out where we can. Just get in touch with us.

I want to resell my disk space, is this allowed?

It most certainly is (on our Standard tier only), provided the accounts you resell abide by our Terms of Service. We don't charge you any extra to use your account as a reseller account. We're also launching some exclusive reselling tools very soon, so watch this space... 👀