DNS records

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DNS stands for Domain Name System, and works much like a telephone directory, ensuring you can get to websites and services without having to remember lots of different IP addresses. Instead, easy to remember domain names map to IP addresses of servers.

Our nameservers

To use our DNS services, ensure your domain name is using our nameservers, which are ns1.hartserver.net & ns2.hartserver.net

If you have registered a domain name with us, we set your domain's nameservers to ours automatically. You can change these if needed on the Dashboard, for example, if you want to manage your DNS records elsewhere, such as with Cloudflare

We allow you to manage the DNS records for all domain names which are registered with us or transferrd into us from another domain provider. At this time you cannot manage DNS records for domain names that are with a third-party provider, and if you map a domain name that is to our nameservers we will serve only the default DNS records needed to get web hosting and email services working at our side. To manage the DNS records for any domain names not renewed with us, either use your domain provider's control panel, or transfer the domain name in to us.

Our recommended DNS records

To ensure services with us work correctly, please ensure the following recommended DNS records are set for your domain name (replace instances of example.com with your own domain name):

HOSTNAME                        TYPE    VALUE
example.com.		            A
*.example.com.		            A
example.com.		            AAAA	2a03:b0c0:1:e0::597:e001
*.example.com.		            AAAA	2a03:b0c0:1:e0::597:e001
example.com.		            MX		0	lon3.hartserver.net.
*.example.com.		            MX		0	lon3.hartserver.net.
ftp.example.com.	            CNAME	lon2.hartserver.net.
mail.example.com.	            CNAME	lon3.hartserver.net.
www.example.com.	            CNAME	lon4.hartserver.net.
example.com.		            TXT		"v=spf1 include:spf.hartserver.net ~all"
_acme-challenge.example.com.	CNAME	example.com.acme.hartserver.net.
*._acme-challenge.example.com.	CNAME	example.com.acme.hartserver.net.

There might be some differences for your domain name based on your requirements, for example, you might have different MX records if you decide to host your mail services elsewhere.

Managing DNS records can be tricky, and can possibly cause your website or services such as email delivery to fail if set incorrectly. If you have any questions relating to changing your DNS records please contact us before changing anything.