Every feature we offer as standard

Here's a comprehensive list of every single feature we offer on our hosting platform as standard. Don't settle for less from other web hosts, and #HostBetter with us! We will keep updating this page as we add even more features.

Account access

Unlimited FTP/FTPS accounts

You can set up as many FTP/FTPS accounts as you need, and we include a master FTP/FTPS account as standard, which lets you manage everything on your hosting account. Additional FTP/FTPS accounts can be mapped to individual directories on your account for additional control.

Full SSH/SFTP access

You're able to access your account via SSH (including sudo!). Feel free to run whatever popular dev tools you need from the command line, including Composer, Git, WP-CLI and many more (just give us a shout if there's something specific you want us to install!). This also allows you to use SFTP to transfer files up to us if you prefer rather than using FTP/FTPS.

Feature-packed File Manager

Just want to make some simple changes to sites on your account? Our file manager offers a number of features, including drag-and-drop uploads, code editing, simulteneous file/directory uploads, and much more. Perfect for when you need to make changes from a web browser. You can also access backups stright from the file manager.


Unlimited MySQL databases

You can set up as many MySQL databases as you require, with unrestricted size limits on every one. We're also looking into offering MariaDB in addition to MySQL, so you can take your pick if needed. Keep your eyed peeled... 👀

Unlimited database users

You can set up as many database users as you need, including specific GRANT permissions and database access for each user. We also set you up with a master database user on every hosting account that can automatically access all databases on the hosting account by default with full privileges.

Easy database management

You can access your databases remotely via your favourite database client by default for easier database management when you need it, but we also offer phpMyAdmin on our hosting control panel too.


Free hartserver.site domain

We offer a hartserver.site domain of your choosing on all hosting accounts, which gives you the flexibility to manage and view your account without tying a paid domain name to it (which you can do, of course!). Now you can still access and preview your site even if your domain name expires, or if you haven't yet switched your DNS records over to us. You can also add additional hartserver.site subdomains to any hosting account and map these to other sites for even greater testing flexibility.

Unlimited domains

You can assign as many domains & subdomains to your account as you like, which means you can host as many sites you want to on one hosting account, restricted only by how much disk space you have.

Easy domain management

We offer a simple but powerful DNS management console for all domains that are registered with us or transferred into us, as well as the ability to change your nameservers away from ours if needed. Domain locking and transferring features are also available, as well as being able to keep your WHOIS details up-to-date easily.

DNS snapshots

We are currently in the process of building a DNS snapshot facility, which will allow you to roll back DNS records for any domain registered with us to any point in time. Want to remember what DNS records you had before an update? Made a mistake and need to go back? No worries, we've got you covered!


Unlimited mailboxes

You can set up as many mailboxes as you need. By default we don't restrict quotas on our mailboxes, but you can set your own quotas if required on a per-mailbox basis. Check your emails over POP3, IMAP, or using Roundcube webmail, which we have installed already on our hosting control panel.

Unlimited forwarders

You can set up as many email forwarders as you need, whether that be catch-all forwarding to forward emails for an entire domain, or just individual forwarders from one email address to another one, whether the destination mailbox is hosted by us or not.

Anti-spam policy

We hate spam just as much as you do, which is why we actively monitor and block IP subnets from reaching our server if spam is detected from them. We run standard spam filters on our network, but you can also forward any spam emails that slip through the net to spam@hartserver.net and we'll deal with the issue promptly to keep your mailboxes spam-free.

Guaranteed email delivery

We route all email messages sent from our network over a secure and trusted SMTP relay, which allows us to guarantee delivery of all genuine email messages. Yes, we even guarantee delivery to Hotmail/Outlook!

Peace of mind

Automated daily backups

We automatically back up files and databases on all accounts daily to a secure volume away from our main storage. We keep your backups on a rolling cycle for a minimum of two days without touching your disk space quota, but you can also choose to retain up to 14 days of past backups, with the additional backup days utilising your disk space usage. Backups can be accessed and restored on a per-file or per-directory basis via SSH or from our File Manager.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

Not happy with your new hosting account? No problem. We're so confident you will be that we offer a full refund within 30 days of any hosting account being set up, with no quibbles. Just ask us, provide some feedback on how we can improve for next time, and we'll action the refund for you, which usually arrives back on your payment card/in your bank in a couple of days.

No contracts flexibility

We don't lock you into any contracts with our web hosting. You will be subscribed to our services, but you can upgrade, downgrade or even cancel at any time without penalties, fees or complications. Simply renew your accounts on either a monthly or yearly basis as suits you best. You can even action an account cancellation straight from our Dashboard, so you don't even need to give us a call if you don't want to.


Completely free SSL

Secure all domains on your account completely free, with automatic certificates installed from Let's Encrypt. Our SSL certificates are great for everyday websites, but if you have your own SSL certificates you want to bring over to us for any reason just let us know and we'll be happy to get these installed for you.

A rock solid network

We constantly upgrade and enhance our network infrastructure to give the best possible performance for all accounts. We offer sub-100ms TTFB (Time To First Byte) speeds on average across all servers on our network, ans we're constantly striving to be even better.

Round-the-clock monitoring

We keep an eye on our network, services and all accounts hosted on it round-the-clock, and we'll alert you to any issues we find on your own sites (or fix any issues automatically if we can) if we find any. We take pride in not only our own sites and infrastructure, but also the sites we host for our customers.

Everything else...

Superb support

You can reach us round the clock when you need support, and we don't do support tickets - just a direct connection to actual humans. We also operate a lot of different support channels.

An easy-to-use control panel

Our hosting comes with its own custom control panel, built by us, for us, from the ground up. We keep it up-to-date with only useful features our customers actually use, and you can even suggest modules for us to build if it makes your life easier.

Run multiple versions of PHP

Every site/domain on your account can run a different PHP version if you want to, from 5.6 up to 8.0 currently, and we'll even install any special PHP modules you might need - just ask!

Scheduled CRON jobs

Run your automated tasks using CRON, using any supported version of PHP you need to.

Choose your web server

Serve your sites over a choice of NGINX (default) or Apache, and you can even serve different sites over different web servers! (LiteSpeed with HTTP/3 support is coming soon... 👀)

One account, multiple sites

We don't restrict how many sites you can host from one account. Serve as many as you need, restricted only by your disk space quota, which is upgradeable at any time (all the way up to a whopping 1 terabyte!).

IP blocking

You can ban individual IP addresses or even entire subnets from accessing your account if needed.

Email delivery status reports

Track delivery reports for all emails sent via our network to their remote destination, and check for any delivery issues. We also guarantee delivery for genuine email messages to all the top ISPs, including Hotmail/Outlook.

Email autoresponders

More commonly known as Out Of Office, set automated responses from your mailboxes for a set period or manually if you're not going to be contactable.

Automatic downtime credit

If we experience any unplanned downtime we'll credit your account in proportion to the downtime, automatically. So, should we ever have 90% uptime one month, that's a 10% credit for you.

Free site migrations

We will move as many sites over to your account as needed from another provider, and we'll do it all with no downtime to your sites at all.

Super scripting support

As well as PHP, we also offer Perl, Python and Ruby support on all accounts, always running on the latest versions.

Drag-and-drop site builder

Want to build a simple site quickly and easily? Just use our site builder. Pick a theme, customise it, and publish. Job done!

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